The first bite

Welcome to the inaugural post of my food journal! I thought I’d pick one of my very favorite subjects to kick things off with: chocolate.

I’ve seen classes for knitting and yoga, and a dog yoga book, but somebody finally found the perfect combination: Chocolate and Yoga! Be sure to explore the rest of the site… many yummy and fascinating things to discover. Thanks, !

Hmm… makes me wonder what that local boy, Christopher Elbow, has been up to. His website is pretty spiffy these days; I like the box with all the flavors listed as you mouseover the pieces. I see he’s got a White Peach chocolate I think I’m going to have to hunt down soon…

Now I must go indulge in a tiny crumb of my dwindling Scharffenberger Gianduja bar. It’s a delightfully rich dark chocolate and hazelnut confection that puts me in mind of the hazelnut praline sheet wrap on the amazing cake that made for me. So far, I can’t find the Gianduja locally (my son brought this one back from his California trip). I might have to order some… in which case, I might as well throw in a little of this and this, as well…


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