Big City writer, Kansas City roots

Perhaps this is already a well-known fact among KC food folks, but I just found out that the executive food and wine editor of the San Francisco Chronicle, Michael Bauer, got his start here in Kansas City. He still has family here, he worked in his father’s butcher shop, and he was a writer for the Kansas City Star.

Now he has an online blog, Between Meals, dealing with such things as the perfect fried chicken (and he grew up on Stroud’s, so you know he knows the real deal!), and the foie gras furor.

I was born in SF, and read the Chronicle for decades, and still read several columnists and features daily online. I’m adding Mr. Bauer to my favorite links, and encourage you to check him out yourself.



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2 responses to “Big City writer, Kansas City roots

  1. I read a few of his posts, good stuff. However if you read the comments you find people in San Fran are so politically minded. It is funny.

    I will be adding it to my bookmarks too.

    • Ah, well, I spent 20 years in the People’s Republic of Davis, so it didn’t seem so odd to me. In fact, it’s still a little jarring to me how UNpolitical people are in the Midwest! It’s been good for me to see how other areas of the country are… I’ve only been here for three years, but it’s been a very educational three years!

      I like how he seems to stay on a pretty even keel, especially on hot-button topics. Quite the diplomat, I thought. Glad you liked him! And welcome to the new blog, thanks for dropping by!

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