Food Movies

For a while, it seemed we were watching a lot of movies where food took on a disproportionate share of the star power. Two stand out today in my memory:

“Tampopo” was a “…celebration of the role of food in Japanese culture… Acclaimed director Juzo Itami’s hit satire was dubbed the first ‘noodle western’ for its delightful parody of American Westerns and Japanese samurai films.” An utterly charming film that I keep meaning to rent again.

But my favorite was “Mostly Martha,” a wonderful German film about a brilliant and passionate (but slightly off-kilter) chef and her motherless niece. The characters and story were fabulous, but the role of food really made this a memorable movie for me.

What other foodie films do you recommend? (Yes, I’ve seen “Chocolat” and “Like Water for Chocolate.” I liked them well enough, I just want to find more out there!)



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2 responses to “Food Movies

  1. “Big Night” and “Eat Drink Man Woman” come immediately to mind.

    • I had “Eat Drink Man Woman” on my Netflix queue; just moved it to the top. Added “Big Night,” too… looks good!

      Oh, and “Babette’s Feast” was on there, too…

      Thanks, Ennie!

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