Bits and pieces

A friend dropped by and gifted me with some fresh sage and tarragon from her garden. Here it is, joined by a sprig of chocolate mint from my own garden, nestled in a cup of pink grapefruit champagne sorbet from Murray’s.


What to do with the tarragon? I think I’ll try a recipe for Chicken Cacciatore with White Wine and Tarragon, from the Cook’s Illustrated site. The sage I’ll dry and hang on to for Thanksgiving, perhaps…

Listened in on the KCUR Food Critics today (archived here), which featured blogger Sara from Noodletown (you did great!). Lots of mentions of cool places I want to try, but the baby was very distracting and I didn’t get to write down anything (maybe they’ll update the web page… but it hasn’t been changed since May, so I’m not holding my breath). Mexican seemed to be a theme… I didn’t hear the whole thing, so I wasn’t sure if Los Dos Chiles, the great little drive-through mom-and-pop place just north of 63rd on Troost, got mentioned. Coco Bolos sounded like a good bet…

We made reservations for our seventh anniversary at Starker’s Reserve, for Saturday, Sept. 16. We’re pretty jazzed… we don’t get to do this level of dining very often (last year was Aixois), and it was a hard choice to narrow it down. Other choices I was debating were 40 Sardines and bluestem, plus Avenues Bistro just opened in walking distance…

I’m not quite sure how we settled on Starker’s, but I’d eventually like to get to all of these places. We’ll have to go out more than once a year, though!


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