A snack and a movie

Made roasted bell peppers for the first time today… messy but worth it! They were the last three from my garden… I don’t see any more flowers, so this might be the end of the bells for the year.

I chopped the roasted bits and mixed them with some minced red onion and a couple of chopped cherry tomatoes, heated it up in olive oil, threw in some feta and a bit of balsamic, and served it on toasted pita triangles. After trying it, I decided a little basil was just the thing to finish it off… Bill got some from the garden and it was indeed excellent! No pictures, because we were pigs and ate it all before I thought of it.

We watched “Eat Drink Man Woman” tonight, and as recommended, it was indeed a wonderful movie that featured food prominantly. Are all really good chefs neurotic? Ah well… a small price, I suppose.

We have “Big Night” also here from Netflix… we’ll do that one soon. Any other must-see foodie movies?


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