Procurement advances

I’m told that I need to visit Nature’s Pantry. The person who told me about it says it’s a cooperative, but from the web site it just looks like another health food store. Still, those are good things in themselves. I just despair at ever finding a real live coop ever again…

There is, however, a couple of Wild Oats not too far away, and a Whole Foods about 10 miles away. And I’m told that the new Green Acres store is something that I’ll want to be checking out (opens early November).

I’m very lucky to have a store in walking distance that carries some organic produce and soy milk and tofu and such… I had a great conversation with their produce manager this morning about the whole spinach snafu, and I recommended Michael Pollan’s “Omnivore’s Dilemma” to him. And it took me about a year, but I finally found the all-night grocery in this town.

Still, I’m looking forward to exploring these new places…



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4 responses to “Procurement advances

  1. Anonymous


    This company is active in your area:

  2. Hi, wanted to let you know that I have just pimped you out to because she is a big ol’ food whore geek and was bemoaning the crappy state of a food community she was part of (but is no more).

  3. Have you checked out the local farmers market scene? Or Local Harvest

    • Hmm. I’ve visited a little marketish thingie in the City market area that I think this site refers to… but the link it features goes to some graphics house. The CSA is something like $400 per quarter and very heavy on the meat and dairy (IIRC, I met with them right when I got here, and was looking for a CSA to join). It says they’re not affiliated with the larger organization….

      Local farmers market is within walking distance also, and it’s a lovely tiny little thing… about half a dozen sellers, three of them selling produce, the rest doing stuff like soap and baked goods and decorative gourds. I do try to patronize them, but they are VERY expensive (a bag of summer squash two weeks ago was $7, I mean a small bag, made about 4 servings! whereas in CA they’d be giving the stuff away!). I was horribly spoiled as the assistant manager of the Davis Farmers Market…

      (too lazy to log out and relog in… this is from my other blog, for those who don’t know is my alterego on LJ)

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