Suffering Succotash

My little guy and I were wandering at the City Market last Saturday morning, and I decided to pop into Succotash, after hearing how wonderful breakfast was there.

I can’t say that I’m a fan now, although I’ll give it another try someday. The service was fantastic, I’ll say right off the bat. The pierced and polite twenty-something that seated us was back several times during the meal, making sure we were okay and topped up with decaf, despite the place being filled to capacity within minutes of the door opening (we were fortuitously second in line).

The atmosphere and decor were funky and friendly, harvest-colored vintage Tupperware cups and a big spiral staircase, bright paint and huge colorful floor tiles, free copies of the Star for loan and a kid-friendly staff.

So what’s not to like? Sadly, the food. The “cake of the day” was blueberry pancakes, and they were huge (hanging off the plate and hitting the table, which is sort of a sanitary concern, but I didn’t eat that part so I’m not too worried). I was nervous about pouring syrup on them and having it waterfall down to the table.They were sort of sour and bitter, not sweet at all. Almost like there was something wrong with the proportions of baking powder or something? Also, they weren’t served with any butter… and I love to eat my pancakes from the outside in, and get that last center bit all sweet and salty and soft and yummy. Nope, not today.

The eggs were scrambled and cooked on a grill, I suppose, so they were uneven and almost rubbery in some parts, and underdone in others, with grillsmut mixed in for good measure. I’m one of those fussy egg eaters who likes their scrambled eggs cooked gently, maybe with a splash of cream, over low heat so the butter doesn’t brown and turn bitter. No grit or bits, gently folded, tenderly lifted and served. So maybe I’m being too picky… but the accompanying bacon was overdone, just a hair short of blackening, not a bit of softness at all. Completely crisp and brittle, which, next to the carelessly cooked eggs, just was not an appealing combination at all.

The bottled juice, organic from Florida, was perfect, and the decaf coffee was fresh and hot, so we can give a good score on the beverages.

I really wanted to like this place, but we’ll have to give it another go in a while and see how consistent it is.



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2 responses to “Suffering Succotash

  1. ah well, sorry that the food wasn’t so good. it happens. maybe it was an off day.

  2. I think that place would be so much better if they had freshly squeezed juices.

    I think you might have stopped by on a day when the cook was overwhelmed. When I go there on Sundays (no crowds) the food is good. Granted that is no excuse if you want to be top notch.

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