Try me a river…

So something I’ve become more aware of as I’ve gotten older is my growing reluctance to try new things. I’ve been consciously working on this, actively seeking out foods I’ve never tried, or in some cases even heard of, before.

Last night, it was monkfish. Or rather, monkfish liver.

We were at Domo, a little sushi place not too far from our house, for a snack after seeing the wonderful “Stranger Than Fiction.” As per my project stated above, and as a habit to try to appreciate individual food artists’ skills, I asked the sushi chef if he had been working with anything new lately.

He suggested the monkfish. I asked what it was like, and he said “Potato.”

It most assuredly was NOT like potato. It arrived in a martini glass, on a bed of shredded (not pickled) cucumbers and a light soy-based sauce, disks of salmon-pink smooth paste. I tasted one, and got the immediate sense of strong minerals: liver? Not something I’m fond of (liver, and kidneys, are organs that filter the blood, and I just can’t shake the sense that it’s gotta be hard to clear out all the crap they were designed to hang on to). Bill finished our serving, and seemed to like it, comparing it to pates he had in the past.

Today I took a look around, and indeed what we were served was monkfish liver. It turns out there’s a bit of controversy surrounding this delicacy… although at one time it was a byproduct of the fish, now it’s in high demand and the fish are possibly being decimated by overfishing.

Here’s some more info on the monkfish.

Well, the lobster roll and spicy tuna were absolutely wonderful, if fiery, so my meal was speedily salvaged.

Time to put the finishing touches on the T-day menu… more about that in another post!



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2 responses to “Try me a river…

  1. Monkfish liver can be really good. There are two places in Seattle that do a good job with it. Expecting potatoes probably would throw you off, but, i also usually find it to be quite mild. When you come visit we will take you to Mashiko and you can try (many varied things) to your hearts content.

  2. Anonymous

    Megnut Turkey Tips Thread

    Hi, I just thought I’d let you know that I left a comment for you about the bacon on turkey thing over at Megnut. I was afraid you might not see it so I dropped by here.

    BTW, I like what I’ve read here so far.


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