T-day menu

Here’s a peek at our 2007 Thanksgiving gameplan.

• Before-dinner snacks: homemade spicy candied pecans; an assortment of olives from the Whole Foods olive bar; some TLC crackers with herbed goat cheese spread, a sage Darby cheese, a bit of pretty Mimolette, and our first sample of Brillat-Savarin cheese (a triple cream brie-style); Blue Moon ale and homemade-cranberry-sauce daquiris (I tried to find some Satsuma Mandarins, but they just aren’t here yet, whaaa! But I do have some Granny Smiths, tangerines, pears and bananas to make do with). Also some of those wicked WF truffles in case the cook needs fortification during her grueling kitchen ordeal.

• Two butternut squash soups (one vegan, one non)

• Yeast rolls (I must admit, 2006in2006, my resident amateur pastry chef, will take these on)

• Steamed green beans tossed with margarine and toasted sliced almonds (I wish I had some beautiful fractalled broccoli Romanesco, but I think maybe that’s a CA thing because I don’t remember seeing it here)

• Mixed baby greens with edible flowers and a homemade dressing

• Baked sweet potatoes (these were gonna be orange-glazed but I’m now wavering towards maple-pecan)

• Mashed potatoes (one vegan, one not)

• Stuffing (one vegan, one not, both with fresh herbs, some i even grew myself! the carnivorous version will feature sausage somehow. I roasted and peeled a pound of chestnuts thinking I’d do a chestnut dressing, but these don’t taste all that great… maybe a third of them were either rotten or moldy. So back to the original sausage-apple plan. I’m not baking the stuffing in the bird, because I don’t want to have to bake the bird for six hours. The vegan version will be my MIL’s recipe, which my oldest son adores)

• Gravy (one vegan: brewer’s yeast style, one not: made from pan drippings)

• Homemade cranberry sauce, with orange zest (gotta remember to make extra for the daquiris!)

• A Tofurkey (sadly, this year Whole Foods only offered the Tofurkey by itself, no gravy or drumettes or wishbone or anything. A Complaint was Registered on behalf of the vegetarians in the household.)

• A Heritage American Bronze turkey, 14lbs from Whole Foods, brined in herbs for 12 hrs, dried overnight, roasted under a cheesecloth soaked in olive oil and with a layer of bacon over the breast (to help keep it moist and from overcooking) using the Cook’s Illustrated turkey roasting guidelines (has produced a perfect bird for me several years in a row now… don’t mess with success!)

• Wine and beer (German Reisling and a Cab), and organic sparkling cider for the kids (lemonade and apple)

• Egg nog (my husband makes a wicked homemade version, but I think we’ll save that for Christmas… so we’ll just suffer with the Shatto version)… maybe with a tot of brandy if we’re still feeling festive

• PIE! The pastry chef will probably do a classic pumpkin pie, along with a small pumpkin tart for the vegan, and homemade whipped cream, flavored with rum (if there’s any left over from the daquiries)

Ladies and gentlemen, start your ovens!



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4 responses to “T-day menu

  1. Anonymous


    Hey, thanks! Imagine we will cross paths. I bet it WAS easier in California. Was lucky enough to go to a farmer’s market in Ojai, beautiful produce. I’ll be stopping by your site. Though, I imagine we will cross paths someday at Whole Foods or the Farmer’s Market here. Best wishes for your holiday!

  2. That all sounds so good! I’m especially intrigued by the cranberry sauce daquiris — I think I’d enjoy that quite a bit.

    • they had to wait a day… i was feeling pretty dehydrated running around in the kitchen on t-day, so didn’t want to add alcohol to the chaos.

      not bad. i think i’d cut back on ice, and just pop the crans in the freezer for the iciness. i wound up using a bit of OJ and that was yummy.

      went great with a bit of pumpkin pie!

  3. Anonymous

    Your menu (and thanks!)

    Thanks for the nice comments on my pie article. I will likely run into you at Whole Foods one of these days! Your menu sounds fantastic. I am doing a sausage stuffing as well with apples, I have a link to a recipe on my blog, let me know how yours turns out!

    Best of the Holiday to you!
    Expat Chef

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