How do you doc your guac?

Ever since we discovered the premade guacamole at Coscto, it’s been a staple at our house. But we pretty much regard it as a jumping-off point… rarely do we eat it right out of the package. Here’s my favorite alteration:

One packet smushed avocados from Costco (there’s some other flavorings in there, but they are minor)
Juice from one lime
Three large cloves crushed garlic
1/2 tsp. salt
A few shakes of cayenne




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7 responses to “How do you doc your guac?

  1. Anonymous

    Whether jumping off or jumping right in from scratch, cumin always makes it in my guacamole.


    • Mmmm! Great idea! Will definitely try the next time I mix this up…

      I always use cumin in another family-favorite dip (I try to have dips with the chips, or else the kids just devour the whole bag and go looking for more grub… the dip at least slows ’em up, and sometimes even sneaks nutrients in at the same time): a can of black beans (drained), an equal amount of frozen corn (zapped in the microwave to thaw), a good dose of salsa, some salt and cumin to taste. Swirl in some sour cream if you’re feeling festive, otherwise toss to the hoardes and be careful you don’t pull back a bloody stump.

  2. My guac recipe:

    smoosh an avocado
    press at least 1 garlic clove into it
    mix some fresh lemon juice into it
    add enough salt to make all the flavors show up well

    That’s it. Bean likes it fresh, when all the garlic is hot. I prefer it a couple of hours later, when the garlic has calmed down just a little.

    Fwiw: we’re both California natives, but she didn’t like avos until she was an adult. And she’s more the recipe-developer in the family (I’m more willing to eat plain bland stuff).

    (Btw: leaving the pit in does nothing in terms of keeping the guac fresh. Instead, press plastic wrap to the surface – you want to keep the air out to prevent browning.)

    • Have you considered giving Bean a bowl with the garlic chopped (will stay hot for a long time) and doing yours crushed (more mellow)?

      Yeah, how did that pit story get started, anyway?

  3. This is a case where there are no subs for the real stuff. Unfortunately I think it is really hard to find really ripe and good avocados around here.

    • I used to think that, too, and this is from someone who could buy ten pounds of the mushy, right-off-the-tree ‘cados in CA… but this Costco stuff is really amazing. If you haven’t tried it, kenoster, give it a shot… I’m a hardcore ‘cado fan, and I was very skeptical until I actually tried it. But I really only use it as a shortcut… it’s essentially a dozen mashed fruits, ready for use. Quick and dirty, cheap and easy.

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