Makin’ lotsa pasta


My mother-in-law very kindly bought us a beautiful new pasta maker. Mr. Foodie brought it home and had a batch of dough running through the rollers in record time (you had to send some sacrificial dough through first to remove “oil and debris”). Since we have a vegan in the house, he made an eggless pasta.

plus This:

I got busy with the rest of dinner: sauteed peppers, mushrooms, and onions; homemade tomato sauce; fresh lamb sausage from Green Dirt Farm, a local rancher of grass-fed sheep.

equals This!

A vegan, a vegetarian, and a sausage lasagne, ready for the oven. They were fabulous!

Next we wanna try ravioli. Any brilliant filling ideas out there?



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5 responses to “Makin’ lotsa pasta

  1. I’m not even that big a fan of lasagne, but that looks delicious!

  2. ravioli

    ricotta and spinach or chard is what Bill’s Italian grandmother and I always used (plus garlic, egg, salt and pepper, parsley etc.)and some parmesan cheese grated into the filling.

  3. mmmm.. looks delightful.

    Oh, and i love squash filling with ravioli. Tastes rad with a sage butter sauce.

  4. spinach (or chard or kale) and ricotta and/or goat cheese is my vote

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