Bua Thai

Bua Thai (no web site that I can find)
732 NW State Route 7
Blue Springs, MO 64014
(816) 229-3292

Last Monday, I got to visit Bua Thai while my offspring sprang about in gym class.

It’s up on MO-7, just south of I-70, on the east side of the street, tucked amongst the endless miles of strip malls in that area.

The interior was pretty standard American Thai (red leather booths, little shrine-like waiting area, dim lights, carpeting). Apparently it was a Thai Place in a former incarnation, and it feels like it.

My server was a young Thai gentleman who didn’t speak English very well, but was quite attentive. It looked like they also had a full bar available, with a selection of wines, but I wasn’t drinking that night. There was a TV going with low sound, and nice soothing Muzak playing with ancient pop songs.

I was kinda broke, so I just went for a green curry with chicken, but they had a pretty nice selection of curries, noodle dishes, and house specials. The food came out fast, and the curry was a good one. The vegetables were freshly prepared, and the little chicken bites had a very faint licorish flavor… anise or fennel? Thai or holy basil? There was also a good deal of chili involved, but it didn’t wipe out the more delicate lemongrass or gingery galangal flavors.

I asked if the curry paste was pounded by the chef, because I wanted to find out the source of the flavors, but the server couldn’t seem to understand quite what I was asking… first he said that everything, including the pastes, were made fresh daily. Then he came back and said “about 50%” of the pastes were house-made.

So caveat emptor… perhaps this is indeed a grail-like Thai restaurant that makes its own pastes, but more likely it uses prepared pastes, at least as a base. If anyone else finds out differently, please let me know!

The prices were reasonable (my curry was nine bucks and change), and I’ll be back to try some of the other offerings. It’s certainly a nice way to spend an hour, instead of a sweaty waiting room, a Hobby Lobby or a Taco Bell.



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2 responses to “Bua Thai

  1. yum, green curry

    Thanks for the post. Sounds WAY better than Hobby Lobby. I LOATHE that place and its sanctimonious sign on the door that states that they are closed on Sundays so they can worship with their families. OK fine, I have my scrapbooking supplies, now I can go home and procreate and worship thank you so much. ARGH.
    Now that I am done ranting, do you have any food tips for a trip I’ll be making to Atlanta this weekend?? Thanks again for your delightful and witty posts,,,,

    • Re: yum, green curry

      Hi, abookmom! (I’m being lazy and using my other LJ name, but it’s still moodyfoodie here)…

      Try this eGullet thread for food on the road, and this one for the newest info on dining.

      Have a wonderful trip!

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