Pure bliss…

Due to several unforseen circumstances, I found myself in Lawrence at about 2:30 p.m. having not eaten breakfast or lunch.

I quickly availed myself of the local purveyors of fine foodstuffs and soon had a terrific lunch: about 20 thin slices of Finocchiona (salami with fennel seeds), a chunk of applewood-smoked cheddar, a sparkling French berry lemonade, a crusty loaf of Wheatfield’s sage-walnut-wheat bread, and my first-ever bar of Vosges chocolate (Barcelona: hickory-smoked almonds and fleur-de-sel in dark milk chocolate). Everything except the bread was from Au Marché.

Life is good. Very, very good.



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3 responses to “Pure bliss…

  1. I’m glad you got to try Vosges. That’s the flavor I bought for my birthday, and it was very tasty. What did you think?

    • It’s a little… milkier than I usually go for, but it definitely worked as a trio of flavors. Now I really want to try the rest, especially the curry and the cardamom… and the wasabi… kalamata olive? Oh my…

      I only get out to Lawrence once in a blue moon, though, so it’s gonna be a while. I might run across some during my CA trip, though…

      • I’ve had the wasabi and ginger one (mmm!) and a couple of the others. The flavor combinations are really creative and unexpected. I don’t like olives, so I won’t be trying that one, but I can imagine that it’s a really interesting taste for those that do.

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