I just heard that Chef Celina Tio, of The American Restaurant, won the James Beard award for best chef, Midwest division. Congratulations, Chef Tio!

Tomorrow night, I’ll be dining at another Beard-award winner’s table: Thomas Keller took the award for best restauranteur, and I’ll be visiting Bouchon for dinner.

I’ll have a whirlwind trip to California, but I’ll be sure to shoehorn in a lot of good eating. I’ll be making my pilgrimage to the amazing Austrian pastry café, Konditorei (they did my wedding cake… can you believe I used to live in a house within walking distance of this place, and WILLINGLY sold it? What an IDIOT!)… also the Davis Farmers Market, where I worked for a few years as assistant market manager (about 14 years ago, but the manager Randii is still going strong!), and possibly Graffiti in Petaluma.

I also want to meet with some folks for late-evening-snacks and/or dessert in the Oakland airport area on Monday night. Anyone got any suggestions/wanna join us?

Off we go!


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