Birthday bacon

After reading this (an LJ post about chocolate covered bacon candy), I knew I had to try it. Bill loves bacon with a love that burn bright and enduring, and he’s also a big fan of caramel. It’s a match made, if not heaven, at least in a place that has a hell of a lot of fun.

So… I checked out the recipe and, learning from kightp’s suggestions, whipped up a batch of Chocolate-covered Bacon Brittle.

The bacon and toasted pecans, mixed with the sugar syrup and cooling on our marble slab.

Covered with the chocolate (60% Guittard chips, heated too hot and lost the temper, dammit. Sprinkled with a bit of sea salt).

Brave Bill, slowly identifying the flavor of his birthday treat (“This… is… bacon?! You put bacon in CANDY?”)

This stuff is amazing. The only downside is that it is probably pretty hard on your fillings. Also, since I lost the temper, the chocolate melts really quickly. However, if anyone out there wants some, I’m happy to spread the bacon love… email me with your home address and I’ll pop a few pieces in the mail.

Happy birthday, lover!


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