Playing with your füd

With a vegan in the house, we often try to have alternative treats on hand so she doesn’t get left out. Still, one thing that she misses is cheese, and so far the vegan cheeses haven’t really hit the mark for her.

So when I saw Play Food, I had to get some to try out.

The flavors we found are Nacheezmo, Whip Cheeze, and Cheezy Cheeze, all made from cashews (there’s also a sour cream substitute available, but I didn’t see it).

The house vegan pronounced them “okay,” and said she’d eat them if I bought them, but not to go out of my way. She liked the Whip Cheeze the best, although I think she’s still a fan of Tofutti’s Better Than Cream Cheese.

There’s a mildly interesting story behind all this, long and sordid and involving child stars and family lawsuits. There’s also supposed to be a new raw food restaurant, Füd, opening up soon… but so far it’s for a few limited hours once a week.

I am doubtful that there is enough raw/slow-food enthusiasts in the KC area to keep a business like this afloat, but I’m glad they’re giving it a go. I hope Heidi can keep the drama down long enough to give it a shot, anyway.



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2 responses to “Playing with your füd

  1. Anonymous

    eridelasepyqojaz BERNIE 0.008 11,672 757

    Sorry polezes (:

    will b cadeful

  2. The story in that article is pretty wild!

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