I’m IN!

Woohooooo! (note to future readers: link probably won’t be current after mid-August, 2008)

Good thing my mom sent a check for almost exactly the price of two seats for our anniversary. Saves us from having to sell another of the kids’ kidneys (see, there IS an upside to multiple offspring!).

My only regret is that I have just a few hours to build up anticipation. Half the fun is in the wondering and dreaming.

Okay, well, not half. Maybe a tenth.

Note to self: Remember the damned camera this time.



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2 responses to “I’m IN!

  1. Anonymous


    Did you hear? Russian agressor attacks USA…
    More info here: hotusanewx.blogspot.com


  2. Have an amazing time! In honor of your dinner and your usericon, I just had some cherry tomatoes in my lunch.

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