Local updates and notes

This is more for my own info, but I’ll slap it down here in case anyone has any more suggestions or ideas…

First off, a few goodbyes. Noodle Shop closed just as we moved out of the neighborhood… in fact, I think we ate there within their last day or two. Funny, ‘cos we accidentally tripped over them on their opening day. I certainly hope you’ve got another project up your sleeve, Mr. Kanigar. Sayonara and domo arigato gozaimasu!

We also found out that 40 Sardines closed, but this wasn’t quite so sad once I learned that Beard Award winner chef Debbie Gold has returned to the American Restaurant. I wonder where Celina Tio went, though?

I’ve been badly out of touch in the KC food scene (partly finances, partly just needing to drop an interest for a while due to time), so I missed that Joe West took over as executive chef over at the Delaware Market Cafe. I think Joe’s about 12 years old, so this is kind of a big deal. Congrats, Chef Joe, and I can’t wait to get over there and see what you’ve done!

I’ve been SO out of touch that I completely spaced on the Starker’s heirloom dinner (here’s what happened last year). It’s TOMORROW NIGHT! I called as soon as I figured it out, but the chances of scoring two seats at this late hour are about nil. I am a very sad foodie.

and I headed out to the brunch at bluestem last Sunday. Still a great deal, although I hear that they’re doing a nice early bird thing 5-7 T-Th that we’re gonna have to try out sometime. Oh, they also FINALLY got their four stars from the local food critic… not sure why she’s been so slow to figure out this phenomenon, but now she’s with the program.

In a blinding stroke of stupidity, Justus Drugstore is being pushed to change their name.

My kid got hired at Bella on 39th as a dishwasher, and laid off the week after that. If you want to check them out (they do local food with an Italian flair), don’t wait. I have a feeling they won’t be around much longer, either. The breakfast was particularly wonderful, and I hear great things about their risottos.

Tried the Malt Bodine at Murry’s Ice Cream a couple weeks back. Kinda like a Whoppersicle. Good stuff.

That’s it for now. What all have you been nibbling on this summer and where?


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