Not dead yet!

Hey, is anyone still reading this blog? Helloooo?


Well, just in case… this really is something I want to share, and it’s food related, and I’ve been feeling foodie-ish lately, so I’ll throw it out there.

and her lovely family came over for dinner and games today. I was just going to grill brats and burgers, but of course had to make things more complicated. So, along with those, we had a lovely ripe Athena melon, just-right bicolor corn on the cob, a chipotle-corn-macaroni salad that turned out really well (anyone want that recipe?), some yummy locally made pita chips and feta dip found at the store, many libations starting off with homemade faux Frappuccinos, and for the finale, one of the best things I think I’ve ever made: a peach galette. showed up right when I was feeling nervous about rolling the dough (you’re supposed to roll it out 24 inches!) and finished that part… once again, it’s so nice to see what a great team we are!

That recipe is from Rose Levy Berenbaum, author of the Cake, Pie and Pastry, and Bread Bibles. Bill’s been a big fan of hers for a long time, and while I’ve enjoyed her stuff, I tend to be much more of a relaxed entity in my kitchen. Measuring things by grams just never appealed to me. However, I might be starting to see a glimmer of what everyone’s been raving about with her books. Maybe following directions isn’t such a bad idea. Maybe.


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  1. Josh swears by weighing gram by gram. I can barely be bothered to measure.

    Actually, i suspect that different applications are more or less forgiving. Soup – do whatever you want. Pastries – you need some finesse. (Banana bread – now you can mess this up, but, my habit of using salted butter and a regular spoon to measure baking soda or flavoring doesn’t appear to be too dangerous.)

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