RIP, Pangea

Pangea, the small-plate internationally inspired café helmed by Martin and Wendy Rudderford, has closed.

I hate it that we’re so tight on money… and after this move, we’ll be even more so… because I know that the only way these creative chefs will stay alive is through our patronage.

I’m going to make an effort to do lunches and brunches when we can, and to continue to always choose local small places over larger chains. They’re not as cheap, but it’s the same as supporting your local hardware store instead of giving your dollars to Home Depot, or paying a midwife out of pocket instead of letting your insurance cover the hospital… sometimes they way you spend your money really matters.

How are you making sure your favorite places don’t go tits-up during this bleak economic phase?


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One response to “RIP, Pangea

  1. I don’t have any favorite little places here in the KC area 😦 I’ll join you for brunch or lunch sometime though…maybe you can change my attitude!

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