Mark your calendars!

Local foodies and those who enjoy writing will be pleased to hear about the eGullet Heartland Gathering, scheduled for the weekend of July 25, 2009, a low-key event designed to showcase the best KC has to offer.

More info over on the eGullet thread.

What? You’re not on eGullet yet? Hie thee over there, and enjoy! I think the forums are open for public perusal, but to become a member, you have to go through an application process to ensure your commitment to good food, good writing, and community. I was actually nervous when I first applied, but now I’m really glad to have landed there.


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  1. Anonymous

    Possible stop for the eGullet gathering

    Hello there,
    I just ran across your blog (a fun read, btw) and then read this item on eGullet. I’ll look into whether we could join. In the meantime, I wanted to ‘plant a seed’ about the Heartland Harvest Garden–the nation’s largest ‘edible landscape’ opening this June at Powell Gardens. It might make a fun outing for the group, and we will have a chef’s demo going on that weekend (specific chef TBD). Details on the garden are at

    And the other thing your group might want to know about is a visit from Outstanding in the Field on July 29. ( Guest chef will be Jonathon Justus!

    I couldn’t post this over on eGullet so hope you’ll share, and of course hope you’ll come out to scope out the new garden!

    Thanks–Callen Fairchild Zind (

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