Support your local… tow truck?

I braved the rain and slush yesterday to attend the annual Kansas City Food Circle Exhibition of Farmers over in Shawnee.

There were plenty of local growers offering fresh produce and plant starts, several markets (including a potential resurrection of a market on Troost), numerous purveyors of local meat, eggs, wool, soap, bread and honey, and a few assorted supporters of sustainability, e.g. The Sierra Club.

I scored a rack of lamb for Easter from Green Dirt Farms, plus a couple of their new sheep’s milk cheeses… one looks like a crumbly feta with rosemary, the other is a vegetable-ash-covered round that was promised to age into a runny Camembert-type cheese in a few weeks (the Dirt Lover).

I raised dairy goats and sheep in 4-H, and I can testify that most sheep teats are absolutely microscopic compared to those of the relatively busty Nubian. I was assured that these cheeses were from “dairy sheep,” who, on a quick Googling, appear to indeed have milkable udders.

There were also a large number of abandoned exhibitor tables, presumably due to the weather, and a notable lack of ready-to-eat food. My four-year-old liked the worm exhibit and his honey stick, but all the great ingredients and no way to sit and enjoy any of them was pretty torturous, so we headed back out into the sleet for a guilty Steak-n-Shake drive-through.

If you were smarter than I was and kept off the nasty roads this weekend, you still have another shot at the expo. There’s a second event next Saturday, April 4 (note different site), and a better weather outlook to boot. Did I mention this was free? Check the website for a list of vendors and detail.


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