About that Door-to-Door box

So after receiving two boxes full of mostly out-of-season and entirely non-local produce from Door-to-Door Organics, I wrote an email to the company, asking about their sourcing. They do, indeed, provide an entirely organic box of produce, but the website gave the impression that they worked with local farmers. The truth is that, while they do purchase some things from local farmers, it won’t happen until later in the season, and even then it won’t be all local. For now, the box is entirely non-local.

You can swap out items for more seasonal things, but when you swap, it’s not an equal amount or value… you definitely seem to take a loss (which I suppose is understandable… it’s a pain to process substitutions).

I’m debating whether to continue this box. I could see it being a nice convenience if I already had another grocery subscription to cover the staples, but I don’t… I go to the store a couple of times a week, so I’m there anyway and picking up some produce isn’t difficult for me at all.

The stores I currently patronize offer organic produce, unlike the shopping options near the house where I was living just a few months ago. Also, I’m not getting things that I would normally stock up… we now have two mangos sitting around, waiting to ripen and turn into lassis, which feels totally wrong given that I was seeing snow drifting down only yesterday.

I do love the surprise of opening the box on Saturday morning and checking out the goodies within. I think we’ll keep it for another week or so and see if I feel any better about it.


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