Summery Noodle Salad

I was hungry, but since I’m trying to do this anti-yeast diet thing, I couldn’t just grab my normal go-to quick breakfast (bagel or cereal).

I sort of wanted something Thai-ish, but we’re saving money and Linc’s got a cold, so I’m not gonna go out hunting for Pad Thai (besides, we live in Little Poland… no reliable Thai that I’ve found yet). Instead, I searched online for a recipe that sounded good and used what we had on hand. Lot of close but no cigar.

So I made something up. It was so good, I wanted to remember it.

Soak a pound of thin rice stick noodles in hot water, while a second pot starts boiling water. Set timer for 15m.

Chop up veggies (I used three heads of baby bok choy) and saute in 1T oil; add a bit of toasted sesame oil too. Peel, crush and add 4 cloves of garlic. Grate in about 2T ginger. Cook on low while you finish dressing. I mean, MAKING the dressing. I’m already dressed. Sheesh.

In a nice big bowl with a cover (you’re gonna put it in the fridge), whisk a can of coconut milk, about half a cup of broth (I used chicken, but if you just used water or vegetable broth, this could be vegan), about 4T of Sriracha red chili sauce, about half a cup of peanut butter, the zest and juice of a lime, 2T rice vinegar, 2T soy sauce, and 2T brown sugar. Whisk it all up. Taste it and add whatever is missing (I think I could have used fish sauce instead of soy sauce).

Did you get that all done before your timer dinged? Nice. You’re much more dextrous that I am. When your timer dings, pick up your soaked rice noodles and put them into the pot with the (hopefully by now) boiling water, set your timer for 2 minutes. DO NOT WANDER AWAY! Overdone rice sticks are sad, sad things. Taste your noodles and yank ’em if they seem done before 2m. Drain in a strainer (cos if you use your colander with the slits, you’ll lose a buncha noodles).

Toss noodles, dressing, and veggies all together. You could wait until it’s cold, but I’m scarfing it as-is. Yom!



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3 responses to “Summery Noodle Salad

  1. Ooh, sounds tasty. I haven’t done much with rice noodles, but I like them all right at restaurants, so maybe after the move I’ll give it a shot. (Right now I’m on use-up-all-the-stuff-in-the-pantry mode, so I’m trying to avoid buying more stuff as much as possible.)

  2. Sounds delish, although that seems like a lot of sriracha. Is it really four tablespoons? I am a little wimpy when it comes to hot stuff!

    • Well, that’s just what I put in. And it WAS for a whole pound of noodles and a couple cups of veggies. But different chili sauces have different heat indexes… and the whole point of cooking is to make something YOU like. So use a bit, taste it, and keep adding until it works for you (or none at all, if that’s how you roll!).

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