The other week, I was seized with a desire to make a spicy Indian lamb curry. So I invited some friends over to share it, and made a few other things too. Even Bill pitched in!


Bill made some amazing naan.


Potato Samosas… this was both a wonderful recipe and a great tutorial for anyone who has never made samosas before. I fried them in about a quarter-inch of Crisco vegetable shortening, and they turned out fantastic!

I also wanted the two sauces you usually get with samosas… you know, that hot green sauce and the sweet red sauce. The red one was OK, but the green one was perfect!

We had to have some raita.

I also made a very simple dahl (cup of lentils, 3 cups water, an onion, some oil, a can of diced tomatoes, some turmeric… I wanted to keep it mild for the kids, so no garlic, cumin or chilies).

We did some Basmati rice in the rice cooker, with a teaspoon of turmeric tossed in to make it yellow.


And some little cheese balls from a Moosewood cookbook for dessert, made with homemade chenna (essentially hot milk curdled with some lemon juice, like ricotta).

It was an awesome dinner, and it wasn’t difficult. But if I do it again, I’ll try to space out some of the prep work… doing it all in one day was a wee bit much.


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  1. That looks like an amazing feast!

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