Sourdough, continued

Sourdough 3

Third loaf, a tic-tac-toe boule. Unremarkable flavor, IIRC, but pretty.

Sourdough 3

Same boule, sliced.

Sourdough 4

Batard, King Arthur pain au levain half recipe, halved, toasted pecans added. Tasted good but kinda crusty and hard. I like more inner bread, less crunchy outside.

Sourdough 5

Star boule, King Arthur pain au levain half recipe, boosted with a little commercial yeast, pecans added. I think this was my favorite loaf so far!

Between this loaf and the next, I tried a sourdough pizza dough recipe. It was eh, certainly edible and worked fine for pizza, but no bubbles or lightness to it. Everyone ate it, but I wasn’t a fan. For quick-rise stuff like last-minute pizza dough, I think the commercial yeast is the way to go.

Also, I made another batch of sourdough waffles (most are in the freezer now for quick breakfasts). The King Arthur recipe is DA BOMB! I had to sour the milk with white vinegar, didn’t have buttermilk at hand, but it turned out just great. Why would anyone ever throw out starter when they could make this?

In fact, I’m not sure how you throw out starter… I’ve used every bit of mine, and in fact have taken it down to just a few tablespoons and worried if I’d depleted it beyond regrowth (so far, it’s come back like a champ every time).

Sourdough 6

I tried making a sandwich loaf, boosted with some bread machine commercial yeast (2c bread flour, 2c ww). Got the recipe from a new baking community I just joined, The Fresh Loaf. Love the community, not so much the loaf. It’s sturdy and works great for slicing and toasting, but I think it had a cardboardy, bland flavor. Gotta work on this more, because a lot of the reason I’m doing this is to start making our family’s bread, and we make a lot of sandwiches.

Today’s loaf: the basic KA sourdough with pecans to take to a friend’s house for dinner.



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  1. Very happy I found your site. Will note it and return for more info.

  2. Great read! I wish you could follow up to this topic

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