Mojito Granita

Mojito granita

The Inspiration:
It’s been hot around here, and the perfect evening cool-down drink in my book is the mojito. Bill perfected this drink last summer, when I made sure he was stocked with the proper muddler and juicer as well as limes and mint. When I was paging through the Perfect Scoop, I saw a recipe for a Mojito Granita, and decided that needed to be in the lineup soon.

Today, I ran out of cream as well as most of our fresh fruit… but we had two hard little limes. My mint was going crazy in the backyard, so I figured that since I wasn’t able to do an ice cream, I’d try my hand at the granita.

The Recipe:

David Lebovitz’ Mojito Granita recipe was printed over in the Guardian, so you can get it from there. I had friends over, one of whom had never tried a mojito, so we played games and chatted for a few hours. I got up every 30 or 45 minutes to fork-fluff the granita, and finally it was a nice slushy consistency.

The Results:
This stuff was delicious, although the wait time for the treat was pretty abysmal compared to the instant gratification of the fresh drink version. The mojito newbie proclaimed the mixture to be refreshing, and both my guests ate it up quickly.

We had some red peppers, onions, beans, jalapenos, green chilies, salsa, corn, garlic and cumin over rice for dinner with cheese and sour cream, and the mojito granita was a perfect foil to the spicy meal. Then I had a scoop of the Aztec chocolate from last night, and my evening was perfecto… picante pero muy bueno!



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3 responses to “Mojito Granita

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  2. A Mojito granita sounds AWESOME!

    Also, cool cloud.

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