Vanilla and Chocolate: Part 1

chocolate and vanilla

Two things I’ve heard repeatedly about making ice cream deal primarily with these two flavors. Specifically:

1. The best test of an ice cream shop’s skills is to taste their vanilla. Paradoxically, vanilla is so simple, it’s hard to do well.

2. It’s very difficult to find a really good deep dark chocolate ice cream, especially if you are not a fan of milk chocolate.

So of course, I had to tackle both flavors as soon as I could!

Still feeling wary of eggs after the eggy mint experiment, I decided to go eggless for the vanilla. I used the basic Vanilla Ice Cream, Philadelphia-Syle from David Lebovitz’ book, The Perfect Scoop.

Sigh. It tasted fine… I used nice plump pods and our homemade vanilla extract… but the texture was grainy and icy. I clearly need to figure out the custard method! Still… it got a good reception from the in-house tasters.

Part II, next time!


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