Not an Ice Cream Post

I was stocking up over at the wonderful H Mart (a fantastic jumble of unfamiliar produce, ready-to-eat foods, Asian groceries, and Japanese toilets… over by the Korean sauna place, King Spa, near us) and came across this gem. My oldest son insisted that we buy it, and since he’s the main tofu eater in the household, I acquiesced despite my natural disinclination towards any kind of product placement or marketing tie-ins (I was seriously bummed when the Pirate Booty people sold out and slapped Pirates of the Caribbean all over their stuff — and now Ice Age as well! — I haven’t bought a bag since).

this is not a joke

The tofu gets sliced and pressed (by heavy things if I have time, by the ol’ “we must, we must…” motion between my palms if not), then dunked in a quick marinade of whatever is at hand (today was olive oil, rice vinegar, toasted sesame oil, granulated garlic, grated ginger, and a splash of water to hold it all together) and then baked at 300°F for about an hour. Good quick snack or sandwich filling for vegans and vegetarians!



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2 responses to “Not an Ice Cream Post

  1. Julia

    Er, when I said “logo,” I meant the ad. I was thinking about NHL logos while I typed it. Not actually kidding. >.<

  2. Julia

    I have a block of that exact same tofu, logo and all, in my fridge right now. I also got it from an Asian market–we do most of our grocery shopping at the one near our house.

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