Election night treat

Halloween was a week ago, but last night we were waiting to find out who will be at the helm of our nation for the next four years, and the anticipation was not unlike waiting to see who will knock at the door.

I had a sudden hankering for something sweet to take my mind of off refreshing fivethirtyeight, so I decided to whip up a quick treat. The condensed-milk ice creams come together in a flash, with no heating or refrigeration, so that’s where I went. I do admit to benefiting from the Mom-and-Dad Tax, and my favorite among the trick-or-treat booty has always been Almond Joy.

I love the sweetened condensed milk-based ice creams… you can make them about as quickly as a run to the store. This combo turned out wonderful, although it is a little harder than an egg-based ice cream. I wonder if a tablespoon of Amaretto might have softened things up?

Speedy Almond Joy Ice Cream
2 cups whipping cream
1 can coconut milk (I used Chakoah)
1 can sweetened condensed milk
Glug of vanilla extract
1/3 c. cocoa (I used Scharffenberger)
1/2 c. almonds (chopped and toasted in a 350*F oven for about 10 minutes)

Pour all liquid ingredients into a bowl, then sift the cocoa in while whisking. Once the cocoa is incorporated, freeze the mixture in your ice cream maker. Stir in the cooled almonds, and let harden in your freezer. Or just devour as-is!


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