Widening the focus

This blog started as a collection of my food-based writing exported from LiveJournal, because LJ had become unstable and the rumors were flying. Now I’m finding myself with more to say, and feeling less inclined to chisel my thoughts down to fit into Facebook- or Twitter-sized chunklets. So I’m going to work on writing more consistently, and spread my range a bit further than my kitchen counter.

Spreading my wings!

Some of the topics I’d like to explore and document here:

Self Love (including Happiness, The Hair & Nail Chronicles, Being Fat, Yoga, Meditation, The Saga of the Ear, Menopause, and NIA)
Family (including Yay Bob, Marriage, Sex, Polyamory, The Ex & Divorce, Homebirth, Attachment Parenting, Teen/Adult Children, Homeschooling/Unschooling, Eldercare, and Long-Distance Family)
Home (including Chatelaine, Cooking, the Studio, Holidays, Pets, Gardening, Stewardship, and Tightwaddery)
Community (including Friendship, Volunteer Work, NextDoor, Midwifery Advocacy, Grief & Loss, NUG, MISS, LTH, NPL, SCA, IJA, Facebook, Norwood Park, and Chicago)
Maker (including Braiding, Calligraphy & Illumination, Editing & Writing, Sewing, Kumihimo, Victorian Hairwork, Beadwork, and Knitting)
Play (including Boardgames, Crosswords, Books, Juggling, Geocaching, Acapella, Exploring, Road Trips, Kites, Music, Movies, TV, Rainbows, Otters, Video Games, and Glitch)

Wow, that was actually a lot of fun! I sometimes feel like a lump, that I never do anything worthwhile… but my beautiful friend Nancy passed on a quote that resonated strongly: “You are a living mockery of your own ideals. If not, you have set your ideals too low.” — Charles Ludlam

With that, I shall move along and get on with my day. Thank you for visiting!


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