Seasoning for Cordell

My oldest son loved this seasoning powder we got at Costco, Johnny’s Garlic Spread. You sprinkle it on buttered toast and voila, garlic bread! It’s salty with a bit of a bite, loaded with umami, and comes in a giant bottle. What’s not to like?

Well, turns out there IS something not to like. My son Cordell is a vegetarian, and he found out that the cheese powder in Johnny’s is made from Parmesan, which must be made with animal rennet… the lining from the stomach of cattle. We tried to contact Johnny’s to confirm that the “enzymes” listed on their ingredients were indeed animal-based. One receptionist said she spoke to the development people and found that the enzymes were lab-grown; another representative said they were animal-based. Cord isn’t going to take any chances, and so he’s quit using his favorite seasoning.

I decided I wanted to try to make him some kind of replacement, and so the next time I was near The Spice House in Oldtown Chicago, I stopped in for supplies. Once I got home, I pulled out my trusty giant mortar and pestle and went to work. The replacement powder, while not exactly the same, is a darned good copy if I say so myself.

Cordell is leaving for California soon (to work on his PhD in physics at UC Davis, /proudmamabrag), and he asked if I’d give him the recipe so he could make more once this batch runs out. Here you go, Cordell! Enjoy!

Cordell’s Seasoning Salt
1/4 c. granulated garlic
1/4 c. brewers yeast flakes
1 T. salt (I used sea salt, but any kind would work)
1 T. dried basil
1 T. dried parsley

Put all ingredients into a large mortar and grind with a pestle (or use a spice grinder or blender). Once the contents seem evenly mixed and pulverized, store in an airtight jar or bag. Sprinkle onto popcorn, rice, pasta, veggies, toast, anywhere you’d like a pop of garlic flavor!


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